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Picking the best earbuds for your needs can be a challenge. So much choice out there, with old-school wired models. The neck bud-style wireless earphones, and true wireless earbuds. If you hate wires and have a decent budget, we recommend cable-free true wireless earbuds.

The Best Earbuds and In-Ear Headphones

You can opt for something that has the best of both worlds with a pair of the best wireless earbuds, which connect to your phone via Bluetooth but retain a cord between the two buds themselves. Something that all the best earbuds have in common is that those are compact, sound fantastic, and are super-convenient to use compared to bulky over-ear headphones.

Affordable and lightweight, earbuds are the headphones that usually come packed with your recently purchased media player or smartphone. And while they are ideal for everyone, they can not block environmental sounds.

All the in-earphones have designed to fit like an earplug and provide better design, better sound, and better isolation than their counterpart earbuds. Most models can produce a powerful, bass-rich sound that can compete with full – size headphones and also block external sounds.

Most in-ear headphone models come with a wide range of earpieces to ensure that those are fit for your ear canal. And having the right fit is crucial, especially if you want the best possible isolation from noise.

Great-Sounding and Noise-Canceling

Noise-cancelling true wireless headphones that made our dreams come true. The best earbuds you can buy in 2020. Wireless earbuds are just a lot more convenient than pulling a tangled nest of wired headphones out of your bag. Does Wireless Compromise Sound Quality? Design: Keep Profile In Mind. Comfort: A Snug Fit Matters

One common gripe about earbud is that they do not fit snugly into your ear. In general, most earbuds will come with interchangeable silicone tips (some even including additional foam options). Another consideration of fit and comfort is whether there is a second point of contact outside of that ear tip.

The only other major feature you will likely find on a pair of wireless earbuds is the presence of active noise cancellation and active pass-through of outside sounds. Just what you want to hear. Turn on Ambient Aware to control how much surrounding noise you let in.¹ With Quick Ambient Mode, you can listen in on-street traffic, catch flight announcements, and hear when your kids or coworkers call out to you.

Controls: Buttons Or Gestures

All the controls sit in two categories: push buttons and touch gestures. Touch gestures can be a little tricky to get the hang of but will give you more powerful control of your earbuds. Expanding that control, many manufacturers offer a significant and robust accompanying smartphone app, allowing for EQ controls, battery monitoring, and smart assistant adjustment.

Audio Quality

From an audiophile perspective, there are general specs across all headphones that you should keep in mind. All present the frequency spectrum of headphones in hertz/kilohertz. This number represents the frequency range (bass through treble) that is reproduced by the headphones. The range a human ear can hear is 20Hz through 20kHz. Most earbuds will cover slightly less than this.

The other side of this conversation is the Bluetooth codecs available on the device. A codec is the compression format the Bluetooth device uses to send the data, often making a trade-off for file size vs. speed.


In general, the size of a pair of headphones drivers (the tiny speaker inside each earpiece), mostly affects its power across the frequency spectrum. The larger the driver, the more capable it is at performing at a high level on the low end of the sound spectrum. But for bass-heavy performance, go for earbuds that sport slightly larger drivers, when possible.

Connectivity And Software

The setup process for Bluetooth earbuds sits in two camps: Basic Bluetooth pairing and software-based connectivity. In both cases, your phone or computer will connect to the earbuds via Bluetooth, but some device manufacturers have chosen to develop software-based walkthroughs to make it easier.

Other earbuds require you to make sure those are in pairing mode (most earbuds, if charged, will be in pairing mode automatically upon their first powerup). Once initially paired, turning on your headphones should automatically reconnect them to the most recent connected device.

The two most common Bluetooth versions you will find are Bluetooth 4–4.2 or Bluetooth 5.0. The former allows your headphones to remember multiple devices, but only play music via one at a time. Bluetooth 5.0 supports you play dual music on multiple- devices.

Perfectly Paired

Pair your phone or tablet with EarBuds and go. Listen and chat during the day, and then recharge wirelessly for more playing hours. EarBuds give calls, your favorite podcasts, and the music to you while keeping you informed about your environment, walk, work or work out.

The sound that moves you now moves with you. EarBuds offer a balanced and natural sound with superb dynamic range and excellent accuracy, meaning you listen to every word and note.

Range And Stability

While this is likely plenty for the average user, Bluetooth 5.0 gives you more than 40 meters or over 130 feet of indoor coverage. Because Bluetooth 5.0 transfers data much faster (virtually double the speed of 4.0), you get a much more reliable connection with your device and slightly less lag when it comes to syncing with video.

Battery Life And Charging Cases

The final piece of the puzzle here is the charging case that comes with the earbuds. Because the on-board batteries for the earbuds themselves have to be small to keep the device itself small, manufacturers have opted to put a larger rechargeable battery into the case. Interestingly, with some earbud devices giving you only about 12 hours of use even with the case, and some other devices provide closer to 30 hours.

Popular Brands

Apple, Bose, Jabra, Sony, Samsung, Anker Soundcore, Mpow


Earbuds are, in and of themselves, an accessory, and wireless earbuds usually come with their case and a couple of swappable ear tips of different materials and sizes. You can buy skins for the charging case, silicone ear tips or wings for a better fit, and even keychain attachments.

Sounds Good

They conceived it to fit in your ears. Whether you’re running or dancing to your favorite stuff, these are the best fit. Treat your ears to comfort with the perfect Earbuds & In-ear headphones

Whether you want to mingle or add a little music to your day, all earphones are designed to fit well into your ear and are easy to listen to music. Online Phonez carries an enormous selection for every aural taste from great brands. The great thing about both types of earphones is that they are very light and portable. When you have to store them away, you can wind up the cable and put them in a small room like your pocket.

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