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Stereo Speakers


Stereo Speakers

Portable Bluetooth stereo speakers are compact and lightweight. You can hold most of the portable speakers in your palm. Some can easily fit in a backpack or laptop bag. If you are looking for a convenient way to hear your music on the travel, a portable speaker is a suitable choice. Most batteries run without cables and wirelessly linked to your smartphone, tablet, or laptops. You can easily connect to most of the MP3 players or phones. That’s the way you can listen to anywhere and anytime on music.

Most wireless speakers can be used inside or outside, provided they are in the scope of your wireless network or hotspot. Use a portable wireless audio speaker for events and meetings with a projector.

Portable Speaker Features

The extensive selection of mobile speakers is available at Online Phonez. This store enables you to find the best speaker model for your needs. Device compatibility determines whether you need Bluetooth speakers or Wi-Fi speakers. Portable Bluetooth speakers are almost universally compatible. These stereo speakers range to 100 feet available and do not rely on your home connectivity network. The Wi-Fi speakers generally work at distances and connect to your home network. These allow your different networked devices to access a range of entertainment options.

Some will last for a single charge up to a full day. You will also want to take size into account. If you are going to use the speaker for parties at the beach, you need a large, rugged speaker. Those provide the splash-proof and 360 ° soundproof experience of music. Some portable speakers can take input from two devices so that you and a friend can add playlists.

The Bluetooth Speakers

You may want to use portable speaker accessories like a charger, stand, or mount to get the maximum benefit from your speakers. The stylish speaker cover or case could make sense to keep your audio speakers in the same new condition. Other options include a Bluetooth audio transmitter that can stream your audio source. A Bluetooth audio recorder to add Bluetooth capabilities to your audio source so that it is compatible with your portable Bluetooth speakers.

Portable Bluetooth speakers still rock, but thanks in large part to the smart audio speaker revolution. They are also often not portable or waterproofed for the great outdoors. They sound as good or better than many of their smart-speaker equivalents.

Key Considerations

Connectivity and sound are the main differences between portable stereo speakers. It should be easy and convenient to connect your devices. These should produce sufficient volume to take the short distance outdoors.


While most of the portable speakers connect to devices via Bluetooth, many still include an auxiliary cable, and some use near-field communication. Many portable speakers include both Bluetooth and an Auxiliary cable, which is convenient if several people want to play music from their devices.


A wireless connection allows you to wander about 30 feet from your speaker, but the signal may falter as you get farther away or obstacles come between you and the speaker. Setting up a Bluetooth connection requires you to put your audio speaker in pairing mode and use your phone to search for the signal. When once you paired the devices successfully, it will connect automatically in the future.


Some portable speakers can connect to your home with WiFi network, which typically has a wide range than other connected devices. As we are talking about the portable audio speaker here, this is a secondary consideration, but the ability to easily use your speaker at home can be convenient.

Auxiliary Cable

You can plug some speakers directly into your devices through a headphone jack. If your phone has a jackpot, you should have no problem playing whatever media you like from your portable speaker. If you do not get an adapter, you will have to opt for Bluetooth instead.


Some speakers feature near-field communication (NFC), which allows you to establish a Bluetooth connection by tapping your device against the audio speaker.


If the manufacturer does include tech specs, take note of the number of drivers and the combined wattage of the drivers. A speaker with a 5-watt driver is usually sufficiently loud for outdoor use, but some high-end models offer 60 watts or more.

Portable Speaker Features

Portable speakers vary in form, durability, and controls. Though most portable speakers are straightforward devices, there are still several features to consider while you shop.

Sound Quality

Finding specific specs of portable speakers can be difficult. The size of the speaker often corresponds to its volume and bass level. Your best bet is to sound quality for the speaker. You should find out how well the speaker handles highs, lows, and mids. Outdoor speakers produce loud, high-quality sound, but they lack the power or range of a home stereo. You want a portable speaker with enough volume to fill an outdoor area despite wind or other ambient noise.

Size and Shape

Portable speakers range from compact devices, slip in a pocket to large speakers that deliver impressive sound. Choosing the right sound device means considering your volume needs and whether, use the speaker primarily in your backyard or a larger area.

Portable speakers may be squat discs, tall cylinders, or long bricks. If you plan to carry your speaker in your backpack, you need a compact shape that packs well with your other gear.


There are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries used in portable speakers, but the time it takes to recharge them varies depending on the speaker. If you plan to use your audio speaker in remote locations far away from outlets, be sure to choose a model with sufficient battery life. Some of the most robust speakers boast up to 36 hours of battery life, while other models can only run for a couple of hours.

Some models also have USB ports, allowing you to charge other devices. Those are incredibly useful while camping or hiking.


Some portable speakers are shockproof and waterproof. Highly durable models tend to be more expensive, but if you want to take your music with you as you battle the elements, a durable portable speaker is a must.

Volume /Voice Controls

Volume: Most speakers have volume control built-in, so you can easily adjust their voice volumes via buttons on the speaker itself. In some cases, a speaker may have a built-in touchscreen for controlling the voice volumes and other settings. Some models allow you to adjust the voice volume via your device or the speaker itself.

Voice: A built-in microphone allows you to use a virtual assistant to control your device through your speaker. A useful feature if your audio speaker is not in your pocket.


If you are looking for a lightweight speaker to take your music on the go? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. We deep dive into the best portable Bluetooth speakers, covering everything from budget to premium.

Portable Bluetooth speakers are compact and lightweight, most of which be held in the palm of your hand and easily fit in a backpack or laptop bag. These are not necessarily party speakers but more for some easy listening background music.

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